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An anthropologist from the 24th Century tries to make sense of the 21st Century.

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Poem: Deep Down Dark

Deep down dark

In a wood of ancient sounds and wonders ….

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Even in summer, the grass green and damp, even while he watered the front lawn, Randall felt his mind drift to images of winter nights in Cambridge, nine years ago. He could feel her mittened hand in his. He could see her dark hair peek out from her wool cap. He could see the snow falling gently outside the window. He could see her smile, feel the warmth of her dorm room, her sweet trust in him. He could hear her sweet sighs.

He felt Angela come up behind him and take the hose from his hand.

“You don’t just stand there,” she said. “You’re making puddles. You’re supposed to spray it around.”

“What’s wrong with puddles?” …

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Short Story: Home

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court rules on the meaning of “home” and “homelessness”, and the dissenting justice goes home to his wife.

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When All the World Was Surely Done

When all the world was surely done
The nods and gestures set in stone
A woman came from far away
She walked the gray beach all alone

In silken tunic, olden, rare
In golden sandals, braided hair,
As all about her silence lapped
Her footprints disappearing there

Soft in the mist of gentle rain
The gray beach quiet, smooth and plain
She sang a song that rose the dawn
And something stirred to start again.

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